For the Fragile Earth Environment

We are a professional team with full experience in wastewater water treatment, and have the responsibility to make our environment better.

What we do

Evaluation, Design, Construction and Commissioning Service

"Economic", "Effective", "Stable" and "Simple" are our fundamental concepts regarding high-quality wastewater treatment service. We have high confidence in providing our customers the optimum total solution of wastewater treatment through our comprehensive assessment, overall consideration, detailed design, experienced supervision, state-of-the-art equipment, and full follow-up service.

Our Advantage

  • Customized Design Equipment

    Ever-Clear can manufacture customized wastewater treatment equipments and offer installation/commissioning service. With years experience in equipment manufacture and quality improvement, our reliable equipments and service can provide customers the solutions and bring the benefit of operation cost reduction.

  • Innovative Technology

    To provide our clients with more economical and effective solutions, we have invested in innovative technology research and development every year since our establishment. Our research partners include ITRI and NCKU, and so far we have achieved some technology transfers and derived patent application are now in progress. The matured technologies we provide are listed below, including some innovative technologies as well. For some technologies, we are the most successful provider in the world.


Our Experience

Our Customer

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